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Look! A sticky post!

Even though I don't post fanfiction here, I thought I would put this post up to redirect anyone who finds me via fanfiction communities to where I actually post everything. ^_^;

I post to a community I share with my partner-in-crime, pixymisa, called teashopmuses. The master list of all our fics is located here. Go either join or watch us for more updates.

If you want to read my (admittedly sporadic) ramblings, you can also friend me. ^_^ That is all!
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I break my silence to make an announcement

Breaking: Becker is (still) an idiot.

I was cooking some ground beef and had gone to get something when Becker decided he HAD to lick the spatula, which I had laid down a good six inches away from the flame. So enthusiastic was his licking that he shoved it back onto the stove and, in the process, burned all the whiskers on his left, including the eyebrow ones. I grabbed him away before he could do any more damage, causing him much consternation as the idiot hadn't noticed he was getting singed and wanted to keep licking. He's left with short burned curly-ended whiskers and looks most ridiculous.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled life.

And in other news

In less happy news, the kittens we're fostering appear to have fucked my laptop up. I think I've narrowed it down to it being a stuck key (from the girl kitten running across the damn keyboard), as the milk they knocked over onto it doesn't seem to have done damage. >_>

Also, there is Drama at work that has resulted in me taking over the teen department's programming for the rest of their summer reading program. Because I didn't have enough to do with just the children's! But, it's all right, because it's not All About Me (contrary to popular belief), and the teen librarian is working through some major stuff atm. I'm happy to help. Still, I am NEVER going to get any writing done the first half of this month. @_@ (Fortunately, the teen shit ends July 14 - my birthday, coincidentally! Unfortunately, the children's stuff doesn't end till July 27.)

Last, Jess's car broke down and so she had to buy a new one, and we're going to be in Even More Debt soon. She has a job now, which is good, but it's not entirely full-time yet and we're still running super-low in funds from when she didn't have one. I already know how much my CC bill is this month, and I definitely can't pay it all (naturally, MY car just required a MAJOR service). Sigh. Basically, I can't buy ANYTHING this month other than gas. I just bought a bunch of food, so I'm going to try not to even buy that. I'll be able to relax this SLIGHTLY when lightthesparks is here, but we'll have to be SUPER careful. Actually, except for when she's here, I pretty much can't buy ANYTHING other than food or gas or, like, toilet paper for months. Bleh.

Okay, enough depressing news. I'm actually doing pretty well, except for being behind on writing because it's SUMMER and also STUFF. The foster kittens should be gone in a week (thank GOD. They're adorable and they loooooove me, but they eat food and they run across keyboards and do other kitten shit). They're going to my cousin, so I'll be able to see them occasionally. Yay!

And now I'd better go to bed. Goodnight!

And so it begins

It's July here now, which means:


Or the month in which (I'm pretty sure literally) more than half my friends (and me!) have birthdays. :D

To start off, it's rzyna on the first! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D:D:D

A list of things as they occur to me

1. We saw The Hunger Games last night. My biggest issue was with the shaky-cam, honestly. I pretty much liked everything else they did. Yay! I liked the books well enough, and some of the issues with them were made better by the movie. The shaky-cam does get better after awhile, so it didn't kill the movie for me, but be prepared if you go. ^^ Also, Seneca Crane's beard.

2. I've actually been writing and stuff lately, which means I'm feeling good. Yay drugs! Yay feeling better! I've been exercising too and being more careful about what I eat again, which probably helps.

3. I've also discovered sleeping on a more-or-less regular schedule has FINALLY started helping me (it didn't when I was younger, so my sleep SUCKED). This is good because I actually sleep for like 5-7 hours AT A TIME! *gasp* But it also kinda sucks because I can't stay up that late anymore. Or rather, I can, but I don't sleep as well. Boooo I like being a night owl! :( :( :( Maybe when I have a different job I can make it so my regular schedule involves staying up till 3am or something.

4. I've managed to pull a muscle in one of my thighs. The other foot has a very badly cracked heel. This means I'm going to lift weighs today instead of the walk I'd planned, haha.

5. I have caught up some on LJ but I'm still sloooooowly working my way through the backlog since November. Hopefully I'll be done soon! I'm glad I caught up on the ones of you I have so far, though. *hugs*

Okay, I lied

So remember when I said I hadn't looked at LJ since November and I was going to start? Well, I still haven't, but I am going to do it now. Really! Wheeee! Expect comments on ooooold posts and such. :D

Also, I've injured my jaw somehow, so tomorrow I get to spend the day not talking, as it's usually okay in the morning and then gets more swollen progressively during the day, as I am forced to talk because, you know, I'm at work and stuff. Meh, stupid jaw.

I also had this detailed dream about a serial killer being after me last night, and I was also a forensic anthropologist, so I spent a good portion of it figuring out which severed limbs went with which body. This sounds like a nightmare, but strangely it wasn't. Just really odd.

Okay, back to working and surreptitiously catching up on LJ.

Another quick note

I spent a total of three hours at work last week, as I was knocked down by THE PLAGUE (actually bronchitis and a sinus infection), so I basically didn't write a word because I kept coughing and sleeping and only had the energy to watch movies. @_@ But we rewatched the LOTR movies! Yay John Noble! AND we finally just saw the first Sherlock episode, and I have the others. :D

Anyway, time to get ready for bed, as I am finally going back tomorrow (today was a holiday). But yes, I'm alive, if anyone wondered. :D
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Quick update

I went home for Christmas, which was awesome, wheee! I have a new laptop too, which is super awesome. (I am not using it though, as I am at work.) But it made me realize I haven't really looked at LJ since, uh, November sometime. (I've been busy?) So I'm slowly catching up on everyone. Thus, expect random comments to old entries from me over the next week or so. ^_^;;

In other news, I am hungry.
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Words of wisdom

It's harder to pornify The Twelve Days of Christmas than you'd think. >_>

(I'm stuck on the fifth thing. Well, I know what it is, I can't figure out how to make it fit the damn meter. Damn you, TDoC, for having a meter that's all over the fucking place!)

Azzy :(

I just accidentally shut Azzy's tail in the door. Again.

(Azzy is short for Aslan, who is my cat in the icon up there.)

Now, the last time happened at least five years ago, but it was An Ordeal, in that the skin was sliced open and the tail debraided and he had to have emergency services and a cast on it and then had to have the cast put on again after he freaked out at the stitches and attempted to tear them (and everything around him) up. That time, he was trying to get out the front door and I tried to shut the door before he could.

This time, I was taking recycling out to the garage and had no idea he was trying to sneak out (he's not allowed out there and he knows it), so I didn't shut the door as hard as I did last time. Which is good, because as far as I can tell, he just has a cut (but not deep enough to bleed) and some swelling and bruising. He can move it, albeit painfully, and he let me examine it without even crying. I've given him some valium (it's his, because he is a very nervous cat and needs to be calmed the fuck down sometimes) to keep him from flipping (when he flips out from pain, it's BAD, but he doesn't do it much since he isn't in pain much), and he seems fine. But I feel bad, one because I hurt my cat, however accidentally, and two, because I had to do it while Jess was getting ready for work, thus making her life even more difficult. Which she definitely doesn't need. Sigh.

On the plus side, I'm not a sobbing wreck over it. Yay anti-anxiety drugs!

Now to go cuddle my kitty and feed him peanuts. (He loves them for some reason. Yeah, I don't know.)