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By ME! ^_^ v

Bobby: Er, Rogue, I have to talk to you. It's about us.
Rogue: Sure, sugah, what?
Bobby: I think I'm kind of... gay.
Rogue: Gay as in happy, fun, playful? Or gay as in, "Whoah, that Northstar guy is really hot"?
Bobby: Er, eh, speaking of Northstar... eh heh... well, the thing is, he's totally into me and he can actually touch me and like, wow, he's, um, yeah. Forgive me?
Rogue: No problem. There's this hot Cajun guy over there I've been wanting to mack on.
Bobby: Great! You go get your man, and I'll go get mine!
Bobby and Rogue: *punch fists* HUAH!

Nightcrawler: So... you are my muzzer?
Mystique: Yes.
Nightcrawler: Mein Gott... so vy do you not have zis accent?

Phoenix Jean: *bursts into flame*
*No one notices*

Cyclops: JEAN! NOOOOOO!!!!!!! JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAN! Hey, Miss Frost, you're looking fine tonight!
Emma Frost: Wait, what about your dead true love?
Cyclops: Eh, she'll show up again eventually. In the meantime, how's about you and me catch some time, eh?
Wolverine: Wait, he got Jean AND he gets the pootang now!? This is so unfair! DIE!
Cyclops: *dies*
Phoenix Jean: Dammit, Logan! I was about to come back to life again to whip his ass for cheating on me!
Phoenix Jean: Oh, screw this. *dies again*

I am far too amused.
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