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I am now extremely poor

Not that that's the real problem, but still.

Our front stoop is still not finished, DESPITE the completion date of August 20 we were told. So, in order to get the mail, I have to go in the back and go to the front door and get the mail out of the box next to it (aside: I have no idea how our postwoman gets it in there. Maybe she pole vaults). The stoop itself is currently full of sand and merely awaits an infusion of concrete, the lazy bastards.

Anyway, so I opened the door last night to get the mail, got distracted by the presence of an Amazon package, and slammed the door shut. Then I heard something. I looked down, and Aslan's tail was caught in the door. So I shrieked and opened it again. He bolted out into the sand of the stoop, and I jumped into it after him, attempting to catch him and ascertain exactly how bad it was. After me trying to catch him, him whimpering the whole time, Jess finally enticed him back inside.

I picked him up and put him on the table and gently looked at his tail, which was kinked and bloody. And - oh my - is that bone? Yes, it was. So, off to the emergency vet, who had to do surgery to stitch his skin back down. Oh, and that'll be $500, thanks. (Which, personally, I find ridiculous, as Emori had far more invasive surgery for $237. I recognize that emergency vets are more expensive, but THAT much more? I was expecting about $300-350. Also, they won't accept payment plans, which just sucks.)

So, Azzy's home now, with his tail in an ace bandage (I'll have to post pictures, it's rather funny), and me in debt now. Sigh. I called my dad and cried about it, and he was going to lend me the money, but I told him to wait until I knew how much I needed. I'd rather only owe him $200 or so, if that's what it is.

Poor, poor Azzy, although he doesn't seem all that perturbed by it. He's mostly annoyed that he never got dinner last night. That, and he can't lick his tail, as most of it is encased in bandage.
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