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Just wait for the room to stop spinning...

Yesterday was Jess's brother's wedding. The wedding itself was the shortest I've ever been to...

"Do you?"
"I do."
"Do you?"
"Good! You're married! Kiss her!"

The ceremony took something like ten minutes. And seven were spent on just getting all the ushers/bridesmaids/ringer bearer/flower girl/bride up to the front of the chapel. They didn't even make us pray! A mormon chapel!

Jess and I then went to "pay off our mob connection," as we explain to those who cared to ask. In reality, we'd been to a restaurant the night before and, due to the waiter being extremely cute and stalking us (he'd come over to our table, pull up a chair from a nearby table, and talk to us), I accidentally paid with two fives rather than a ten and a five, leaving him a whopping thirty cent tip (instead of the $5.30 I'd planned on). Thus, we stopped by long enough to pay him off. Fortunately, he was there. Even more fortunately, we made his day. He hugged us. ^_^

At the reception, I spent most of it standing still and waiting for the room to stop spinning. No, I wasn't drunk - there wasn't any alcohol at all to be served. No, I spent so much time picking up small children and spinning around with them that I ended up quite dizzy quite often. Jess's cousins (Hannah and Matthew, flower girl and ring bearer respectively) are so cute. ^_^

At the end, Jared told us to tell the caterers to give us some leftover food. I expected a bag with some cold cuts and maybe a bit of potato salad. Instead we got about six bags' worth of food. This includes LITERALLY about ten loafs of bread, two HUGE containers of coleslaw, another of potato salad, an entire drawerful of cold cuts and cheese, AND about five jars' worth of pickles. @_@ The fridge is crammed full; I have no idea how we're going to eat all that. Maybe I'll bug MY aunt and cousins and see if they want some free food or something.

Other than being annoyed that many people seem to take everything I say AT FACE VALUE (which is entirely stupid; I'm almost NEVER serious about anything), it was a good day. I just wish I didn't have to work today (to make up for Monday) and that it weren't raining so I could go up to grandma's and swim. But maybe tomorrow it'll be nice enough...
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