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The saga of Fifi

So, as some of you know, our front stoop was reconstructed due to the fact that it, well, sucked. They began it a day early (Jess awoke to someone taking a sledgehammer to it), and then took two weeks to finish it. Which was late, naturally.

This all meant that we had to go out the back door all the time.
Namely, the problem of the fact that at night, skunks are active, and we had a cute li'l skunk living in the backyard. We saw her so much we finally named her Fifi (after the Tiny Toons character). Now, Fifi generally wasn't that much of a problem - unless you happened to startle her by coming around the side of the building unexpectedly.

The first time, she just raised her tail and stared at Jess, who scarpered to the car. The second time, she charged. Luckily, Jess avoided being sprayed. But, as she said, "You never want to see a skunk charging you." cyrenasea theorized that there were kits involved, but so far we had only seen Fifi.

They finally finished the front stoop, but a couple days ago, we saw a different skunk. Now, Fifi is very distinctive - she's tiny, has two divided stripes, and her tail is entirely white. New skunk had one stripe and a black tail and was huge. So, Pepe.

A couple nights ago we realized the truth. Pepe is also female, and we know this because she's Fifi's mother. She's also the mother of two other kits. All living in our backyard. Fifi must be the brave one, as she ventures around without Mommy all the time. It does explain why she's so tiny, though - she's only half-grown.


We are SO calling into work if either of us ever get sprayed.
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