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And so, I treat you to one of those meme things. It's the one about posting "[your name] needs" in Google (with quotation marks) and seeing what comes up. First I used Anna, and the results amused me, so:

"Anna needs to be excused from class today. She has gone to 'Away' for the weekend,
and won't be back till after it."

"They agree Anna needs all the support she can get now."
Yes! Support me!

"Anna NEEDS a feeling of success."
I NEED it.

"Anna needs a fan club too!"
I definitely do!

"Anna needs: $ 30000."

"Anna needs! Anna needs!"
Now it's getting whiny.

"Anna needs more sophisticated drugs."
Oh gods yes.

A few results for my REAL name are as follows:

"Leanna needs so much help with her communication skills."
I do not! Me talk pretty one day!

"Leanna needs to update !"
It's like they know me... >_>

"Leanna needs man power for parking on high school days."
Er... what?

"But master, Leanna needs you!"
A line from what appeared to be a bad porn fic.

"Leanna needs plastic surgery BAD!!"
Thanks! >_<

"leanna needs to eat more poor thing seems to be dwindling away to nothing."
They clearly aren't talking about me. Heh.

Just for fun, I did Demona, my old alter-ego name...

"I guess it says something that Demona needs THAT many people to take her down."
I am indestructable.

"Demona needs cookies and cuddles."
Who doesn't?

"Demona needs a shrink that's immortal like her."
Who's, maybe.

"However Demona needs to You know, be hit across her face, kicked around The room, and such I mean."

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