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Monday was the day from hell.

First, two of the people who work were either sick or on vacation, leaving me and the Director alone. Pretty much all day. As our policy requires two people to be there at all times, that pretty much meant 1. no lunch break (I ate while answering phones) and 2. no leaving the floor. Add in that it was the BUSIEST MONDAY EVER OMG!!!!111, and I was going insane by the time T showed up (at 4pm).

But what really got me was this mother who came in to very intently browse the nonfiction shelves. She had two kids with her, and she was apparently trusting the older girl to watch over the younger girl, who was about one and a half to two years old.

The problem? The older girl was, at most, four years old.

So, the little one was wandering around, no one watching her except her sister, who couldn't really do much anyway, and thus getting into little mishaps (almost). We have swinging doors you push in to get behind the desk; little kids tend to get brained on them because they push on them but aren't strong enough to push them all the way in, and then they swing back with more force than applied and conk them on the head. She almost did that, but I shooed her away. She also tried to climb the stairs (they go to offices) and almost fell down them, but fortunately I happened to see her and saved her then too. I said to her that she can't climb the stairs and that she needed to come down, and held out my hand so she could take it and I could make sure she didn't die on the way down. Instead of taking my hand, she held her own arms up to me and asked to be picked up.


So, I hoisted her and started trying to find Mommy (at this point I had no idea whom the kid belonged to). She seemed to enjoy the whole experience, but I kept thinking, "I could walk right out of here with her and get in a car and leave, and no one would ever know." I mean, it looked like she knew me, since she was cool with me holding her and even asked me to pick her up. Who knows if she would act that complacent for anyone else who may not have honorable intentions? Add in that no one was paying any attention to her except a three- to four-year-old. And me, apparently.

Anyway, I figured out who Mommy was eventually and told her she had to watch her kids. The Director (who came up when picked up the kid and remarked about how "trusting" the mother was) also told her to watch her kids, citing why. Mommy nodded and picked up the little one and told the older one to stay with her.

Five minutes later I had to get the little one off the stairs again.


On a completely different note - joellehart, I need to talk to you! When is good for phonage? And did Jamie follow through and give you the present?
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