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Not QUITE my birthday now

So, the kid wasn't born yesterday. The contractions never really went anywhere, so they took Allison off the meds for the night. I went home to do my own birthday stuff, which was fun on less than two hours of sleep. Jamie was also disappointed since she had to work today until, she thought, 6:30. All that time sitting around a hospital, and for nothing! Not even a gory birth!

But, the kid STILL isn't born as of right now (although it's progressing more today) and Jamie managed to get off at about three, so I'm waiting for her to call. Then it's back to Fburg. Poor Alli. But Robert's happy because Madeleine will get her "own" birthday. I say fine, as long as she isn't born TOMORROW, because sharing a birthday with John, AKA Hyperkinetic Wombat, is just WRONG.

I just wish I could get through to Alli, but it's always busy! *tries one more time*
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