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So I assume people know what NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is, as I've attempted it three years in a row (and finally won in 2005! BOO-YEAH!) Anyway, Jess and I liked the way it forced us to write a lot. I work very well with deadlines. We want to write more. We also don't want to wait until November.

Thus, MyNoWriMo (MY Novel Writing Month).

Basically, we're designating a period of 31 days (because that's still a month, dammit!) to try to get another 50,000 word story written. I bring this up because we chose February and part of March, because I have System Conversion From Hell coming up in mid-March at work and don't want to be doing MyNoWriMo then. But, so we could end on a weekend, we've made the start date Feb 3, and the end date March 5. Because we can! Because it is MYNoWriMo!!! (We also decided to employ the Zankatou clause, which means you ARE allowed to write to a story you may have written some to, with the goal of finishing it by ADDING another 50,000 words.)

So, it would begin at midnight on Feb 3, and end at 11:59pm on March 5.

Anyone else want to join us? We've already got one other victim participant. ^_^
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