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Sick! ...again

So after battling a migraine on Friday and then continuing with light sensitivity on Saturday (I had to work Saturday, incidentally), I woke up today with a fever and the glands on the right side of my neck swollen.

My mother thinks it's mumps. o_O I pointed out that I had the vaccine and all, to which she replied, "So did your brother, and he had mumps." Her reasoning is that 1. the glands on my neck are swollen, and 2. apparently mumps can cause photosensitivity. Who knew?

I don't think it's mumps as in the virus that causes mumps, but it's clearly some sort of virus thing that causes mumps-like symptoms. Bleh. Maybe that's why I can't see very well.

The problem is that I don't feel that sick, but I also don't feel that well. In other words, I'm bored because I feel well enough to want to do things, but sick enough not to be able to. Argh.
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