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My eyes! MY EYES!!!!

So the raging headaches and eyestrain I've had recently have been (I think) figured out. See, I recently got my prescription updated. My glasses went up one step. But for my contacts, they upped the right three steps.

Now, I had been noticing that my right eye wasn't seeing as well as the left, so it didn't surprise me that the left was the same and the right went up. But three entire steps? However, I went with it and wore them for a week. I noticed that I had some headaches, but I figured I was just getting used to having good vision in the right eye again because I could see clearly when driving (which is when I really noticed the lack before). I did notice that the right lens in my glasses didn't seem to work except in the morning, which confused me greatly.

It was right after that that I got hit with the mumps/migraine/whatever the hell it was thing that caused me to be extremely sensitive to light for about five days. So I chalked up all my vision headaches (which were getting worse) to light sensitivity.

But this week I've noticed that they're getting worse and worse (though the light sensitivity is pretty much gone), and I can feel that my right eye, specifically, is terribly strained. So then I realized - the prescription is just too strong for it. It doesn't bother me much for distance (driving et al), but computer work and such is killing me. So last night I switched back to my old prescription, and the raging eyestrain headache I had almost vanished.

Today I'm in the old prescription, and though I have a slight headache because my right eye still isn't, you know, correct, it's not straining me so badly. So now I'm almost sure that the prescription is just too strong. I have an eye appointment later today because they won't just take my word for it, the bastards.

But it will be nice to NOT have a constant eyestrain headache. @_@

In other news, Kenji just delights in throwing new major plot twists at me during an edit of the second section. *mutter mutter*
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