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Keenspace woes...

I finally logged in to my keenspace account and rated the comic (web-14, no real violence, not exactly explicit sex or language, etc.). I can't actually DO anything with it since all the pictures for it are back at school, and I'm at the parentals', and their scanner sucks major ass.

Now I'm suffering creative muse attack, but the silly chit won't tell me what to do. I think she wants to me draw, but she keeps confusing me with urges to write as well. Which is all moot, really, as I need to drive my mom somewhere in about 45 minutes, and I need to get dressed sometime within that frame of time.

On a related note, keenspace's lack of editing and grammar skills makes me weep. Examples from memory, as I currently can't log back in:

- consistent misspelling of the word permanent, usually as permenent but sometimes as permement (which kept making me picture firmament...either that or minty perms).
- "with in"
- a misuse of "who's" for "whose". It was something like, "A character who's attitude gets them in trouble".
- many, many more I can't remember, but made me twitch spasmodically. *sighs*

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