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TWO things to talk about! Gasp!

And they are entirely unrelated!

First, last night I saw Y tu mamá también. This led to a rather strange and disturbing thought.
So, first off, the director for that one also directed Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. In the scene where Harry, Ron, and Hermione are listening to Buckbeak being "killed" and hug each other, it's a little homage to a scene in Y tu mamá también, in which the two boys and the woman are dancing together, right before the whole final sex scene. In that scene, they sort of start up this threesome in which she appears to be alternately blowing the two of them and they make out, then (it's not explicit, but I'm pretty sure this happens), she leaves the two boys to get it on. Which they do. It's just not clear if she was there or not. I, personally, think she wasn't. So in my estimation she basically got them into a sexual scene together, shoved them at each other, and walked out. Anyway, point is, my mind remembered that little homage scene in POA, and I got the incredibly strange image of Hermione pulling that on Ron and Harry. @_@

I'd say my innocence died, but it did a long time ago.

Next, a library story! Yay! This one concerns an incredibly bratty child, but one I don't blame the mother for. Let me explain.

Mommy and her two kids come in to pay off their library fines. Mommy pays her and pays Little Brother's. She starts to pay Older Brother's, but realizes she is a quarter short.

Mommy: Hey, do you still have that quarter you found at the car wash?
Older Brother: Yes.
Mommy: Is it on you?
OB: Yes.
Mommy: Cough it up.
OB: (whining in such a way that it is physically painful to restrain myself from leaping across the desk and throttling him) But it's mine.
Mommy: And so is this fine. Come on, cough it up.
OB: (still whining. In fact, assume he is for everything from now on) But I only have five dollars!
Mommy: That's more than I have. And it's a quarter, and it was free money.
OB: NO!!!!!
Mommy: All right, I'll pay it, but no computer time for you. And no friends over.
OB: BABY!!!! (Then, nearly crying, he hands her the quarter.)

Mommy calls to Younger Brother, who politely asks if he can continue looking for books. She says to OB that they can go read while they wait.

OB: (still whining, and bitchy now too) I'm HUNGRY. I want to go to a RESTAURANT.
Mommy: We definitely don't have the money for that.
OB: I'm HUNGRY!!!!!!!
Mommy: Then be hungry. (goes off to read)

Now, Mommy always sounded incredibly calm the whole way through. She spoke firmly, but not angrily, and it just amazed me how bitchy that kid was being, and how well she was handling him. Younger Brother was perfectly polite and reasonable. Younger Brother also had a much smaller fine, but still.

And now for the kicker. I looked up the birthdays of the two kids. Younger Brother is thirteen.

Older brother is fifteen fucking years old.

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