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A frightening thing happened yesterday.

While I was on desk at the library, I saw (again) Jimmy Carter's latest (I think) book, which is entitled Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis. I've been noting that book for awhile, wondering what sort of "moral crisis" good old Jimmy was going to spout off about. After all, the title is terribly similar to all those other "MORAL CRISIS!" books that basically claim it's all the gays', and the liberals', and the atheists' faults (and this is just to name a few).

But this time, someone had turned the book in. So instead of espying it from the desk on the new book shelf, it was in my hands. Struck with that annoying curiosity that plagues me when I come across stuff like this (like why I read a couple paragraph's of one of Ann Coulter's drivels), I flipped to the table of contents, located the chapter on homosexuality (also divorce), and started reading.

Damn. Turned out his stance on that was that fundamentalists are paying way too much attention to it and ignoring important issues, and that they should just shut the fuck up and allow civil unions (paraphrasing quite, QUITE heavily, of course). He also made a case about basic human rights. The divorce bit was in there to point out that in the Bible (the book often bases his opinions using that, which I find quite valid as it may sway some religious sorts) divorce is far more railed against than same-sex marriage. He concluded the whole thing by saying that Connecticut, which has a civil union law giving all the civil rights to same-sex couples, had the right idea.

Well, damn.

So I read the next chapter, on abortion and the death penalty. General upshot is that abortion isn't a good thing, but instead of outlawing it (he said it SHOULD stay legal), we should encourage preventing those pregnancies, by having sex education for teenagers THAT INVOLVES CONTRACEPTIVE USE, making sure contraceptives are AVAILABLE, and by providing more support for pregnant mothers so that they can give birth and give the kid up for adoption, since most of the time (he says) they choose abortion because they can't afford to have the baby.

I'll stop summarizing every single damn chapter now, but suffice to say I skipped to the introduction (after reading about whether women should be subservient to men, which was a resounding NO, supported by the Bible too!), and it turns out his view of the "moral crisis" is that the current government is ignoring things like human rights, right to privacy, war as a last resort, separation of church and state, etc. that shouldn't be ignored.

I'm thoroughly frightened by the fact that I agree with Jimmy Carter on most issues.

Spooky. But awesome.
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