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Woe! WOE!

I realize I haven't updated in awhile, so I figure I'll go for it now as I have very little to do today until 11:30.

Let's see. Tomorrow is my birthday! W00t! My parents are giving me a new computer, although I'm not certain how I'll get it. See, recently my keyboard died (all the bits of the current computer are dying hideous deaths, thus the need for a new one) and as I use a certain kind of ergonomic keyboard, I was distressed about finding a new one as none of the stores had that type and they were all ridiculously expensive anyway. I found one online through Amazon, but as it wasn't Amazon sending it to me, we had to deal with the evil that is FedEx delivering the damn thing. And I don't want to do that again. I was going to ask the Director if I can have the thing delivered to the library, thus eliminating the need to have someone awake during business hours, but she's out sick today. Hrm. The other option is that my parents will deliver it to themselves and drive it up here, but they didn't want to because when they come they're bringing a bazillion other things.

Speaking of that, my brother's wife and her sister are moving here very soon! I like Nidhi (the wife) and Chhavi (sister) is very very pretty and sweet, so this should be fun. Thus why my parents are coming soon - they're living in a condo my parents and brother bought together, and they're closing the deal and bringing stuffs.

Hmm, what else? I sent kalldoro her present, but it probably won't get there for another week or two, alas. I also want to send electricgriffon a CD, which I'll try to do tomorrow, but I can't remember if I have her address. Same thing with sleepy_bird - do I have your address? I have a Very Exciting J-Pop Mix CD for you! (Rah.) (Also, note: I call pretty much anything from Japan J-pop because I am lazy. Some of it is, technically, not pop.)

What else to do with my time? Oh, I finally finished researching Berserker (yeah, I know, I wrote 140 pages of the thing before researching in-depth - shut up) so now I need to go through and make little changes. Fortunately for me, most of the stuff I pretended I knew about Japanese history turned out to be true. Guess that history major was worth something. Er, just in case I never made it clear, it's set in 1700s Japan and is full of mythological stuffs. Thus the research. I'll send the first part to those who've read and commented again as soon as I finish rewriting it. Again. Le sigh.

I think that's all for now, except that I am le tired. (Take a nap. Then fire ze missiles!) And birthday!
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