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Rant about the Lightstone

Cross-posted to sleepy_bird's post about... some other cliche fantasy writer.

I WILL rant about David Zindell, whose latest book The Lightstone is supposedly Teh Super Awesome Fantasy That Will Redefine Its Subgenre, when all it was was a collection of bits of EVERY SINGLE POPULAR FANTASY WORK/LEGEND EVAH. To wit: Our main character is a prince with a Gift of Empathy He Hates, and! and! a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead that marks him as the One Who Will Fulfill the Prophecy. Their quest is to go after the Lightstone, which is a freakin' golden cup and has been lost forever and is the only thing that can Save Their World from the Immortal Menace Named Morjin. He meets up with a warrior chick who turns out to 1. be a seeeeeeeeecret princess and 2. a seer who starts predicting the future, and of course they fall in Lurve. They end up in a forest separated from the world and ruled by the benevolent queen Galadriel Pualanna (or something, I forget her actual name) and dance around with forest spirits for awhile. Then they officially start their quest after picking up a few more stock characters, which involves going to a ruined tower and then to an island where - get this - a woman named Nimaui dives into a lake and gives him a legendary sword. Did I mention they called her Lady of the Lake too?

I really need to get published.
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