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I place the blame ENTIRELY on joellehart

The muse has fallen in love again.

The problem is, she's not in love with MY characters. She's not in love with anything original that she can claim ownership of.

No, she's in love with Remus/Sirius slash. >_< But only well-written Remus/Sirius slash, she hastens to point out.

First off, I'm not normally much for the *cough* creative pairings of Harry Potter, and as much of a slash enthusiast as I am, I'm not a rampant slasher who will stick ANYTHING male together. Characterization matters, dammit. I adore Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny and only accept Ron/Harry with some damn good justification (I used to not mind Harry/Cho, but now I do, post-OotP). Pretty much anything else, with the exceptions of tame things like James/Lily, bothers me. It's WRONG, I say! WRONG!

We all KNOW Harry Potter slash is a blight on this world, after all.

But... But...

Now, I'd heard of this coupling (Remus/Sirius) long ago, probably back when I started reading those Marauder MSTs of the actual books (hilarious, even if the author IS going to push some trumped-up Harry/Draco crap). My reaction back then was a sort of, "Okay... It's not TOO disgusting or COMPLETELY OOC..." and that was that. Sometimes the antics in that particular series would amuse the yaoi enthusiast in me, but I felt no real affinity for the pairing itself.

It wasn't until my vacation these past two weeks, when joellehart and I got to talking about fanfiction, that I mentioned to HER that Remus/Sirius was rather popular among some circles.

She took hold of that and ran. And then she just HAD to send me the link to an author who'd written one story she'd liked.

In the past two days, I've read everything that author wrote, read a lengthy discussion of the pairing on Sugar Quill, and am now quite sad that there is no more by that author. (She's GOOD, dammit! Damn good authors and the way they can suck you into believing what they write and wanting more!) I spent much of last night with my mind wandering to the subject and looking forward to today, when I would get to read more. And then it ended. No more. And I'm left with some misbegotten love for something I swore I would never accept! (Of course, I said the same about Harry/Ron, but at least THAT one has better standards!)

And now I'm actually contemplating going on an all-out search for more Remus/Sirius, just to feed my craving.

*sobs* Will the madness never END!?
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