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Except that this kitten isn't such a scaredy-cat. In fact, he's rather determined. VERY determined, actually.

It all started today at the library when G came in from lunch talking about a kitten wailing at out back door. B and I, being the concerned cat lovers we are, immediately checked and found a tiny little orange tabby kitten, who DOES look a LOT like Aslan, outside. I picked him up and was immediately assaulted by raucous purring, licking, and nuzzling. One problem - he's wearing a collar, but with no tags.

I held him for awhile while B looked for shelters, etc. to take him to, but there aren't any nearby. So we put him in a box, then decided we felt bad for him and put him back outside. He refused to leave. Later I went to check on him, thinking him gone, but instead he had found the front door. Now he tries to run inside every time someone comes in (getting caught in the closing door once, poor thing), and if I go out there he follows me around. He is the friendliest kitten EVAH, and no biting or scratching so he must belong to someone, right?

I don't know what to do. I even walked over to the house across the street and asked the woman there, but he wasn't hers and she doesn't know whose he is. I wish he either had tags so I could call the damn owner, or no collar at all so I could justify taking him home. Sigh.
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