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Life-changing events

1. James Howe (of Bunnicula fame - Chester, the first cat I rescued, is named for the cat from those books) is gay. Actually, this doesn't really change my life, per se, but it was a little "whoah!" moment for me. I mean, I knew he'd written The Misfits, which had an out (12-year-old) gay character in it, and a sequel to that starring said gay character (Totally Joe), both of which were very good (go read!), but I somehow had it in my head that he was straight. Then I remembered that that was because his wife had a writing credit on Bunnicula. Anyway, I discovered this interesting little factoid when looking at the writer bio for the latest, Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow (shudder), and saw it mentioning him living with a daughter and a partner, Mark. Hmmm. Then I found an interview about The Misfits in which he flat-out states it. It heartens me, that a well-known children's author is out and, you know, still popular. I suppose the revelation that Lexington is gay was freakier, but I still felt the need to share. I loved him from age...10 or something! And I met him once! He's very nice! I salute you and your terrible puns, James Howe!

2. I had another dream that inspired yet another story. I really wish I'd stop having dreams that follow a plotline. In this one I was Ella from Ella Enchanted (the BOOK, thankyouverymuch), except that I wasn't cursed or anything. I just had long brown hair, was named Ella, and was rather spunky. Anyway, I found a magic ring that talked to me and needed me to help it figure out who had forged it and what its actual use was. It also periodically insisted on seeing large groups of women naked. He also freaked out when we saw a guy (my ostensible love interest) naked, so I guess the ring was straight. At any rate, I had to help the ring remember what its powers were, which involved going to a school for wizards (hello, Hogwarts!) and going into the fifth-floor girls' bathroom. When this didn't pan out, I asked Mac from Veronica Mars if there were any other fifth-floor girls' bathrooms, and she took me to the seeeeeeeeeeeecret bathroom (it had a jacuzzi-esque thing in it and was hidden under the stairs). That didn't work either. It turned out to be the sixth-floor boys' bathroom. Sigh. So I've started working on a story based around this idea. This may be the NaNo novel. The main character is Rela now, instead of Ella, incidentally.

3. Veronica Mars will air soon! Yes, this IS life-changing. Shut up. ^_-

4. That's all I can think of right now. I am quite tired, yo. Oh, wait! TMI info! I discovered that sex is an excellent way to keep one's blood sugar down.

5. Now that really is all.
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