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An example from gmail chat.

me: HEE.
er, hee
How did caps lock get on?
zaph: the bigger question is how does caps lock get off? I think it's having a sleazy relationship with tab.
me: Shift must be pissed, man.
That slutty caps lock.
zaph: well, shift and caps lock could never make it. shift is always undoing everything caps lock does.
me: Well, yeah, but that's only because ctrl just lords it over shift - even though it's on bottom all the time!
zaph: still, ctrl/alt/del is my ot3.
me: Well, yeah, of course.
zaph: I kind of can't believe we're having this conversation
me: I'm rather enjoying it. ^_-
zaph: hee
t and h tend to have a good relationship, except when e gets between them
me: Though really, / is up to something. Why else the ?
zaph: dude, now you've made me want to write //\ slash.
me: \ is always leaning over backwards.
zaph: yeah, but / likes it when \ uses the |
they also occasionally play with a ^
me: That's nothing compared to what happens when they get @
zaph: it's worse when there's $ involved.
me: Damn, I need a square root sign, so I can say $ is the -- of all evil.

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