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Disturbing, but hilarious!

I have been playing Kingdom Hearts (the first one) because I never have before, and now that we have Kingdom Hearts II it is necessary that I do so. This is what I did for the last two days when I didn't go to work (Tuesday and Wednesday's snow kicked Ohio's ass and thus I stayed home).

Thus, Jess and I have had many a disturbing and wrong conversation about this game, like this one in Jess's journal. (I stand by NEVER EVER CALLING A DISNEY CHARACTER A HO.) After all, one of the best parts of the game is insulting Sora and swearing at... well, pretty much everyone who shows up.

Anyway, as part of the game you have to find Pongo and Perdita's 99 dalmatian puppies. They are found three at a time in chests in the various worlds. This inspired the following.

Me: Why haven't any of the puppies suffocated? They've been in those chests for god knows how long.
Jess: It would be funny if, when you came to the house, some of the puppies were DEAD.
Me: I can picture it now - Pongo and Perdita sniff the unmoving puppy, then turn and give Sora these big wobbly eyes as sad music plays... then they suddenly SNARL AND LEAP FOR HIS THROAT.
Jess: Secret battle - Pongo and Perdita!
Me: And every time they bite Sora, blood flies everywhere!
Jess: And after Sora defeats them, the puppy "kerchew"s and wakes up, and Pongo and Perdita are all, "Oops, sorry, Sora! *giggle*" In dog speak. And Sora backs out slowly, all, "WTF?"

Yes, this disturbs us too. It also inspires mad giggling fits. Yes, sick minds all of us, when it comes to this game.

Knowing me, I bet some of you thought this was going to be about the secret desire Riku has for Sora. =p
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