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Like, literally. I woke up way too early and was about to go back to sleep when I heard people banging on the door repeatedly. So, confusedly thinking maybe Jess had come home but had lost her keys (though how she'd have driven home in the first place I have no idea), I checked the window.

Fire trucks.

THEN I understood what the banging people were yelling. So I grabbed glasses and a coat and tripped outside, trying to figure out what was happening.

It turns out the people two doors down had set the place on fire (same building, as we're all connected). Our neighbors were out there too. I stood around and tried to figure out if I needed to go rescue the cats and lock them in my car or something, but the fire guys had it pretty under control so I just waited for awhile. And froze, as I had just thrown on slipon shoes and it was COLD.

Eventually I went back in, when they said it was okay, and then later after Jess got home she told me two ambulances had come too and they were taking people out wrapped in blankets. She also thinks it was a kitchen fire. I caught a glimpse on my way out (the door was open) and mostly the place just looked waterlogged. But still.

I asked to go home early, but no go as H has a program. Sigh. I am going to be so useless by this afternoon. I can barely focus on KH fics work as it is.
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