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Keen cadets?

It has happened.

Jess and I are FINALLY part of Keenspace. Check them out, if you like, but they're both EXTREMELY beta right now in terms of site design, so checking back later is a good idea. Morgan in the Morning and Fruit Flies, for your viewing pleasure(?).

I didn't realize the MITM jpg files were so wide. I'm going to have to remember to make them all a bit less wide (they LOOK much smaller when viewed in Photoshop, dammit) so they don't create a taskbar at the bottom, because I HATE that.

I also need to make the site design actually PRETTY, finish the damn character page (which means I'd better draw Taylor - one of my two MAIN CHARACTERS - soon, ne?), join at least GaySpace, probably FemmeSpace, and anything else I think I can possibly qualify for, edit my description (this I can probably do at the public library, not starting it here), and... ink the comics I have done but haven't done. Oh, and ink a couple of the comics I HAVE done, because they look very uninked.



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