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Riku! It's Riku! Riku's here!

Updates: I finished that sex scene. It turns out I can also write smut when I'm so tired I just don't care anymore. SO IT IS FINISHED, and has been pronounced hot by my earthly muse (the_sports_geek). So that's taken care of. ^_^ Now I just have to, you know, finish the novel. (It's 70,000 words already. @_@)

Next, I spent this weekend in Boston, attending Anime Boston with ryard. It was... interesting. I'll probably do another post about it later, but the main point was that Jess and I went on a Quest in the dealers' room and the artists' alley to find... well, Roxas for her (of course), and Riku for me. Shut up. I like Kingdom Hearts! ;_;

Anyway, SHE succeeded quite well, as she is now the proud owner of a huge emo Roxas plushie and several pieces of art featuring her favorite mopey Kingdom Hearts II boy (I got a huge L plushie to make myself feel better. He is ADORABLE). We couldn't find the Roxas action figure, though (apparently it all sold out), so the_sports_geek is charged with looking for him for us at A-Cen.

But we couldn't find Riku.

This surprises me, because he's (disclaimer: in KHII) freakin' hot. And all angsty and stuff. And has pretty long hair. You'd think fangirls would be all over that shit. But there was pretty much NOTHING with him at all in the dealers' room (save one KHII poster that only showed him with his head and face covered in the robe and we only know it's him from the weapon, and that's kind of not what I wanted), and just a couple things in the artists' alley, mostly featuring him standing around in Those Fucking Waders from the first game with Sora AND Kairi. I HATE those waders.

Now, interestingly, I actually like Kairi, but I didn't particularly want her in my art, so I skipped some of the vaguely OT3-looking pieces. I finally ended up getting a pretty piece from a guy who had Riku wearing Those Fucking Waders, but they didn't look too bad so I suppose they're Friggin' Waders in this picture. I'll probably be scanning this (and all the rest of the art - we got a LOT and it's PRETTY) eventually. Suffice that he's battling Sora in the water while Kairi either cheers them on or insults them. It's kind of hard to tell what she's doing with her hand. She's probably telling Sora to whip Riku's ass, but considering they both still have their wooden sword things (so it's pre-Keyblade), yeah, good luck with THAT, Sora.

Anyway, the next day we went back to artists' alley, because I had the day before seen a pretty piece of art with Riku in his whole blindfold stage, standing around with Sora, that alas belonged to some other chick who had been carrying it around the dealers' room. We hadn't found it at artists' alley, so we were hoping we would on Sunday. I DID manage to find it, but I still think it's sad that it's the only KHII-era Riku thing I could find. And he's in a blindfold. Seriously, fangirls, WTF? Our Riku quest had, for the most part, FAILED! And there was a shitload of Sephiroth crap around! Grrrr! (I know Sephiroth is not JUST KH, but a lot of the art was. You could tell.)

This is all leading up to the happy shiny surprise I had waiting on Monday. We had had a package delivered, so I walked to the office to get it. I had NO IDEA what it would it be. It turned out to be my Christmas present from electricgriffon (hey, I sent her hers for 2005 in, like, October) and in it? A movie (which looks cool), and ... a Riku figurine.

I laughed all the way home.


...even if he IS wearing Those Fucking Waders. =p

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