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I feel I should be making a joke about eating crow. Hmm.

I'm bored and jaymian did this, so - my daemon!

It's currently a male crow. I thought about trying to get a female one (in this world, people are typically paired with opposite-sex daemons but occasionally not, which kind of is me), but then I decided a physical manifestation of the man in my head was a good thing. Even if he is a crow right now. He's called Remis, which could have been much funnier. ^_^

Anyway, if you click on that and take the little quiz it gives you, it reassesses (wow, that word has a lot of s's) the form of the daemon. I just hope I don't get a spider. *shudder*

There IS a reason I have Nicole Kidman in my icon for this post. ^_-

Edit: The embedded code.
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