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Worst birthday weekend EVAH!

(My birthday is July 14, in case anyone didn't know.)

It's not really the worst ever, but it's been kind of sucktastic. I have some sort of illness that involves having SATAN IN MY LUNGS (tm Jess) and have been running a fever all weekend. I started to get sick Friday so we had to cancel going to see Order of the Phoenix. Saturday I dragged myself out to go look at condos but we couldn't see one so we had to drag out early to see that one today (which we offered on because it's PERFECT, but someone else is making an offer too so we'll see).

Saturday we were also supposed to do the anime club thing all day, but we cut out early because I'm sick. We went home to rest and then Jess got a call about her father having a "heart event" (a heart attack, pretty much), so then we spent a lot of the rest of Saturday in the emergency room.

And then today I've been busy all day with condo viewing, condo bidding, and zaph visiting. And my fever keeps getting higher.

So I've called in sick.

Tomorrow's agenda: Sleep. Play KHII. Hopefully sign condo buying papers. AND THAT IS ALL.

Good night!
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