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"I'm the Key of Destiny! But I'm also a librarian!"

I didn't sleep last night, because my fever decided to come back with a raging vengeance. I tend to run about a degree colder than normal, so 102.2 is extremely high for me.

Warning: Feverish nonsense ahead!

Before the fever came back, I read the Kingdom Hearts II manga before trying to sleep. This turned out to be a Mistake. Add in a high fever, and I had a Very Weird Night.

I spent a lot of time getting confused over who I was, to the tune of thinking I was Roxas and had to go through a lot of what he does in the first part of the manga (and the game). It was even stranger because I KNEW I was me at the same time. I'd think about how I needed to find the Keyblade, then think, "It doesn't exist! I need to figure out what to do about tomorrow morning's storytime!" I also kept repeating my name to myself, and then thinking, "I am the Key of Destiny!" and then whimpering for my mother or Jess.


I also remember kicking Aslan (my cat) at one point. He was trying to sleep on my feet. After I kicked him I said out loud, "Sorry, Axel. Aslan. Aslan!" I wonder what that means about my ideas of Roxas and Axel. Apparently I don't find the idea of Axel in bed with Roxas strange, but I also think he's a cat. o_o Maybe it's because Aslan's orange? ^_-

It was a relief to wake up somewhat cognizant again (after only three hours of sleep, mind) and make an appointment with the doctor. I'm officially not allowed to go back to work until Friday, incidentally. I have a note. I also have an ear infection and severe bronchitis. Sigh.

I need sleep. Non-Roxas sleep, that is.
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