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It hasn't been my day

And it's only ten am! >_<

I didn't sleep well, to begin, but that's normal. I took Jess's car today because mine is getting serviced, and I left early so I could get it gas because it's cheaper down near where I work.

1. The gas shut-off valve didn't work, and thus gas spilled everywhere, including on me. Not only is my money wasted, but I nearly pass out from gas fumes spilled all over my HAND WASH ONLY skirt on the drive to the library.

2. So now I'm walking around the library dripping and smelling of gas, dish soap, and fragrance. There are no clothes stores nearby so I'm stuck.

3. I then spilled these paper things EVERYWHERE. So I had to crawl around in my dripping skirt picking them up.

4. I then went to help with the bookdrop bag and SLAMMED it against my hip (that thing be fucking HEAVY). So now my entire side is aching and bruised.

5. I still have to go out and obtain jelly beans at some point during the day. I fear for my life.
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