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So, he's gay. I personally just find it kind of fun, but either way, it's not in the books and doesn't affect them, really. It doesn't matter, except in the sense of that it goes right along with the themes of tolerance. Which, apparently, a lot of fans don't think should apply to gay people.

So, after being annoyed at the closed-mindedness of people (most of whom claim they have nothing against gay people and then follow it immediately with a glaring contradiction along the lines of how Dumbledore can't be a role model anymore and in fact is now encouraging kids to be gay and oh, this makes them nauseated and they didn't want to read about gay stuff!), zaph said, I believe to get me off my rant, "This revelation makes my fic that much stranger."

And oh, how it does.

"The Gift" by zaph. Summary: Everyone loves Remus. It's fun, I promise. ^_^ kalldoro, if you haven't read this, do! It's Sirius/Remus and my best straight male friend wrote it. ^_^

Thanks, zaph!
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