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Life updates!

I realize I have barely updated recently (well, not true, I've been updating fier), so, let's see...

is currently kicking my ass, because I've been sick for, like, half of November (see below). I have 38,000 now. Can I make 50,000 by December 1? We'll see!

My lungs
HATE me.

was a lot of fun (I got to meet rzyna!). I wanted to see her again but I was too damn sick for the rest of the weekend. Boo! Basically I woke up Thanksgiving morning choking on my uvula, but otherwise felt mostly okay until the evening, when I had a 102.4 fever. @_@ Aaargh. I did go to work Friday, but not until 2, though I shouldn't have as my temp was 101.2 when I got home. Sigh. But! Turkey sandwiches and pumpkin pie and STUFFING!

is going to suck this week because I have to work Saturday, too. Six days in a row! And I'm still quite sick with the Satan in my lungs! Sigh. But I won't be working Monday as compensation, which is good because I will need it.

My head
won't shut the hell up about stories. Damn, I need to write. It also won't stop playing some Hawai'ian version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", which was nice until I "heard" it the TWENTY MILLIONTH TIME.

That's all for now. I think.
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