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In most recent news, last night my computer decided to commit seppuku. Or at least the power supply did.

I didn't even know that thing existed until last night. Feh. At least it's apparently cheap to replace. Still - feh. No DSL without my computer, and no working on Morgan in the Morning either, as I don't have either a 1) scanner or 2) ftp client at work. Good thing I uploaded the first six comics already, so by the time I need to get to it, the computer SHOULD be fixed.


In other news, I am under attack by my muse. Evil little bitch. In still more news, the medicine I'm on makes me not want to eat. I feel hungry, I go eat two pieces of toast, and my body doesn't bother feeling hungry again for, oh, seven hours. And even then I can only choke down a bowl of soup and about six bites of a chicken grill. I suppose it's a good thing, but the lack of appetite makes me continually not have ENOUGH food in my system to avoid the dreaded low blood sugar. Which now, because of the medicine, makes me moody, nauseous, AND headachey (instead of just the latter). Feh.

I might be able to blame that for why I started crying this morning when I woke up and Jess wasn't home (and about two hours late). I was really worried she'd been in a car crash. Silly me. Azzy kept licking my face and purring though. It was nice.

And yes, I'm perfectly fine now, if a bit sleepy. =p
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