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This is my WORK computer, recall

Okay, I want to know who the person who keeps looking at gay porn sites IS. And I'M not the one doing it!

Especially because today, unknown person showed a fetish for MMF bi sites as well. There were at least five porn sites in the history (two bi, three gay)! They spawned those damn windows and I had to clear the cookies and files to make it stop. Who the hell is using the computer for such nefarious reasons!? I mean, okay, I like that sort of thing too, but this is work. And it's shocking little me. ;_;

As far as I know, everyone who works back here is female... It must be Andrea. Damn. She seems so prudish.

EDIT: I just realized that one of the links is to an "adult friend finder" with the profile name of something along the lines of "minxslave". If it IS Andrea... I am truly afraid. o_o
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