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Today, so far: a piece with no subjects

1. Had some sort of dream involving rival football teams. Clearly have been hanging around the_sports_geek too long.

2. While shelving books, accidentally made one full of juvenile fiction collapse onto my head. Well, more onto my face. Forehead is tender. Headache is present, but better since scarfing four ibuprofen.

3. Realized the need for a "FAIL!" icon.

4. Am dreading the return home now.

5. EDIT - also was told that, in this particular instance because of leap year, there are 27 pay periods this year and not 26. Have been getting paid based on the idea there are 26. Can either take a pay cut of about $40 a paycheck, or can forgo last check and keep making current rate. Am unsure which to do, partly because finding it hard to think what with books falling on my head earlier. Am annoyed with February 29 as a result.
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