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Another story of Becker, who is dumber than a rock

From my IM conversation with the_sports_geek:

Me: Also, for the lolz.
Becker is retarded.
the_sports_geek: well, i knew that
Me: You know how Aslan gets up on the cabinet in the bathroom?
the_sports_geek: yes
Me: Becker got up there with him. So they barely fit. And Becker decides it's a PERFECT time to rape Azzy!
the_sports_geek: ...
Me: On top of the cabinet.
Where they barely fit.
Cue slapstick.
the_sports_geek: ......
Me: Azzy didn't fall, though, because he's not a clumsy retard.
Oh yeah, the cabinet is OVER THE TOILET, remember.
the_sports_geek: XDDDDDDDD

I toweled the idiot cat off, but still. I'm beginning to think about reassessing Becker as only dumber than a rock. He may be dumber than an entire box of rocks. >_
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