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Well, that sucks

I update to say that, for the last few weeks, I've been having a lot of trouble with my eyes. Now, I just got new contacts (a new type, I should say, not a new prescription) so I was wondering if the new type was irritating my corneas or something. At any rate, there was much burnage and I couldn't wear them for long, and wearing glasses gives me a headache and also prevents me from wearing sunglasses to drive, so the conclusion is Unhappy Harp.

Today my dad browbeat me into going back to the optometrist (I wanted to wait and see if my eyes were just dry and it would get better, though it hasn't yet) to have a checkup. The guy takes one close look at my eye and is all, "You have allergies!" My response: "Bzzzzzawhaaaaa?"

I've never had issues with pollen or hayfever or anything like that before, so this really sucks. Man, I remember the days of not being allergic to ANYTHING. Now I am allergic to spiders (venom and webs, it's annoying as hell but it gives me the perfect excuse to be arachnophobic since if a spider bites me on the ankle my whole legs swells up to the knee and I can barely bend it), metformin (this diabetes medication that gives me constant nausea and anxiety attacks! yay!), and, apparently, pollen now.


I now have prescription-strength eyedrops and a different, gentler kind of contact. We'll see if it helps tomorrow. I hope so, because I'm doing a program on superheroes for the third-fifth graders, and wearing glasses during that sort of thing is a royal pain, as there is much running about and a bunch of headache-inducing children present.

Next time I shall write of different, hopefully more fun things.
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