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An update!

It occurs to me that I need to update more. It also occurs to me that NaNoWriMo is coming up. Therefore, I shall address both issues at once.

I have tentatively decided to do The Kingmaker's Ring, book one of a trilogy. I've technically tried this for NaNo before (in 2006) and failed, mostly because it's first person and I rarely write that way. But it was the second thing I tried that year (after Dragon's Land, and right before I eventually pulled the twins monstrosity out of my ass and won with that) and so I was already frustrated when I tried to write it. I hope it will go better this year. It's a fun, fun story (which I will be updating in fier again, so friend that if you actually want to read it).

My concern with it? Other than the first person issue, it's also told by a straight girl who is indeed going to hook up with a straight boy in it (I know, shock!). She has a gay best friend, but he and his love interest aren't slated to actually hook up until the third book. Leaving me with pretty much no gay action at all in this first book. Can I really do that? I mean, I've won NaNo three times, and ALL THREE TIMES I got the final words to win by writing a gay kiss scene. So that is a bit of a concern.

We'll see if I actually write this, won't we? ^_^;;
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