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The background: I am home sick today, as my uvula is swollen enough to cause me to choke. This makes it difficult to talk, at best. Because said uvula is swollen as a result of a cold and not enough sleep, I am asleep when the phone rings around noon.

The caller ID says 'Intersection In...'. I have no idea what that is, and because I've just been jerked out of fever dreams, I apparently decide it's a good idea to answer. Keep in mind that I am speaking in something approximating a croak the whole time, and it hurts to talk.

Me: Hello?
Her: Hello, may I speak to [my name]?
Me: This is she.
Her: I'm calling from your mortgage company blah blah blah blah blah we're sending you this 30-day free analysis of something or rather blah blah blah I show your address as [my address].
Me: O...kay. (thoughts: That made no sense, but perhaps it will when I am not sick and I get this letter.)
Her: Can you tell me your birth date to verify your identity?
Me: Why? (thoughts: Why are you asking for that now?)
Her: To verify that you are [my name].
Me: Why do you need to know? (thoughts: Seriously, if you're just telling me about some letter, why do you need to know that?)
Her: To make sure you're [my name].
Me: Look, I'm sick. I don't really want to keep talking.
Her: It's just a birth date! There must be a million people with it!
Me: It's July 14. What else do you need to tell me?
Her: I think we're done here, ma'am. (hangs up)

Now, as I am afflicted with Phone Fear (tm), I can't stop thinking about this. (Thanks for ruining my nap, lady!)

On one hand, I still really have no idea why the fuck this lady would need my birthday AFTER telling me all that shit. I also hate giving out personal information when THEY call ME (unless it's, like, a zip code), and I know birthdays aren't THAT identifying, but my name is pretty distinctive so I didn't want to just hand it out, especially when my mortgage company is NOT called Intersection In... Add in that I was awoken from fever dreams and that I told her I was sick, not to mention that I sound absolutely horrid, and I think maybe I was justified in being irritating. At least I didn't tell her that the great sparkling hedgehog demands she stop asking me asinine questions.

On the other hand, was I too irritating? Should I not have questioned the mighty mortgage company caller? It was just a birth date, after all. Then again, her snippiness over 'a million people must have it!' was kind of rude after I just said I was sick.

I looked up the number, and all I can tell is that it's from Indiana. It's probably legit, but still.

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