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Another day, even MORE sick time elapsed

Today's snow was awful, so I was about 45 minutes late to work. (I tried to leave early, but the snowplow for our complex decided our driveway was the *perfect* place to back into repeatedly shoving snow around.) I got there just in time for storytime, which had... one little girl show! Then another little boy and his sister, who goes with J (she does ages 3-5; I do under that) showed, so J and I just held one storytime together for the three of them.

However, all the singing in storytime and the lack of sleep for the last two nights conspired to give me uvulitis. Again. As I could barely talk, the Director kicked me out around 2pm, so I came home and went to sleep for awhile. Now I am awake again and (ostensibly) writing to Rela, by which I mean I'm rereading and editing a bit. My throat does feel a bit better though, which is good as it implies that it's just the virus and not strep making a reappearance. *crosses fingers*

Man, I need to get better. I've been sick with one thing or another for pretty much all of January. >_>

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