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I tried to do some of the yoga that WiiFit has you do today. But I just did the poses on the floor next to Jess, as I am not about to let WiiNag actually know I'm participating. Heh. I could only take about ten minutes, but as I am still rather sick I figure that's good. I'm feeling okay now, but that's probably due to the codeine. Mmm, codeine. Man, what am I going to do at work tomorrow?

I should go write or something. Well, after we deal with the laundry I started. Then we can figure out if we have any food in the house worth eating. I went to the anime club thing for a bit yesterday, so I'm trying to not go anywhere today and just rest, which means no going out for food like usual on Sunday. Sniff. Oh well. I will survive. SOMEHOW.
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