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G just asked me if it's easy to set up a mouse for left-handed people, as some old dude apparently wants to use it that way.

My response went something along the lines of: "o_O guh? Uh... just move it to the left. Except the buttons will still work the same way."

Is this another case of right-handed prejudice on my part, or am I right in thinking that lefties just... use the mouse on the right anyway? My lefty friend Becky does, after all. I mean, unless you're using it to draw or something, it doesn't require a lot of dexterity. I could do it left-handed if that's the way they were set up (I just experimented) and I am massively bad at doing things left-handed. And another thing, do they even MAKE two-button mice for left-handed people? (I suppose the one-button version wouldn't matter.)

Questions, questions.
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