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Today is not my day

1. Since Thursday, I've been so utterly tired forcing myself to do a full 40 hours of work despite still being rather ill that I've been falling asleep at the desk while working. This NEVER happens to me, incidentally. Today, I did it while driving to work on the freeway. >_> Fortunately I'm all right, but STILL.

2. I never managed to get time to lie down for a quick nap, though I intended to (see above).

3. During lunch, I managed to breathe in a tiny bit of apple, which of course led to massive coughing fits and vomiting in my wastebasket, which I then had to clean up (not too hard, luckily, but still). Lungs are still touchy. But I had to stay at work anyway and do a program for grades 3-5 an hour later.

4. On my way home (which takes an hour), I discovered that the road I take to get to the interstate has been closed for whatever reason. So I have to take a big detour around.

5. Not a big thing, but the sewers around exits 17-22 sometimes smell rank, but always in the morning on my drive down. Today they smelled rank in the evening for my drive home. This did not make my touchy stomach happy.

6. On a similar note, upon returning home I discovered one of the cats did the same thing to our house. GOOD LORD what did she eat?!

7. After a nice dinner with friends, I went to put all the stuff we had in Jess's trunk. The hatch fell and cracked my head open. Blood (not much but still) and everything! I ended up on the pavement.

8. rzyna, I hereby move that we FIND THE RESET BUTTON FOR 2009, STAT.
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