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Sorry, rzyna, I'm captain now

I have just secured my position as captain of the Fail Boat this Monday by forgetting ENTIRELY about Daylight Savings Time.

I was supposed to go to a nursery school this morning at 9:45 to do an outreach program. I get there at 9:45 and walk in. The teacher looks at me, kind of bemused. The kids are not ready at all (I go there all the time, so usually they are ready). I look at their clock, which says 10:45. Then I look at my watch: 9:45. I look back at the teacher.

Mrs Reece: Did you forget about Daylight Savings Time?
Me: Daylight savings.... OH NO.

She reassured me that it was okay and that I could still do the program, but I was still mortified. The kids were about to do snack, so I ran out to the car to reset the car clock and call Jess all "CHANGE THE CLOCKS NOW ZOMG" and debated calling Linda, but instead went back in to do the program because I had to be done by 11:30.

I will be staying late today to make up for it, and will be halving my lunch so it's just half an hour late instead of a full hour. But... GYAH. I feel like such a complete failure right now. The Director laughed when I told her and said, "You're the last one I'd expect to do that!" so she's not angry at all, but ... STILL.

So who's my first mate today?
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