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On the tail of Iowa (Iowa!) comes Vermont.

While I'm still surprised at Iowa (Iowa!), the fact that Vermont did it through legislature AND that they overrode a veto is especially awesome. ^_^

Also, funny story from work. This guy comes up to C and me and asks if our wireless is working. I check and see it's plugged in and tell him that it is. (Note: We don't generally troubleshoot people's wireless, mainly because no one knows anything about it but me.) He wanders off, but comes back later with his laptop and presents it to me.

Him: It's still not working.
Me: Let me see. *picks up laptop, looks at front, moves wireless switch from off to on* Here you go.
Him: Wow! I never knew that was there!


In other news, I appear to be sick again. This makes my days of being healthy in 2009 = about 8. Joy.
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