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That takes a special kind of fail

I'm reading a fanfiction for Supernatural (curse you, kalldoro!), and it's quite well-written. I'm happily reading along until this happens:

The temperature dips below zero in Michigan, a quiet kind of cold that seeps into the bones and frosts up the windows. Lake Ontario glitters green-blue in the January light, icy cold and beautiful.

Lake Ontario? Lake Ontario is the ONLY ONE of the five Great Lakes that you CAN'T see from Michigan. A two-second search and a quick glance at a map makes it clear that you can't see Lake Ontario from Michigan. Any of the others work. The author had a four-in-five chance of getting it right! (To be fair, I have no idea if it glitters green-blue in January, but the others... don't, really.)

It's amazing how it's tiny details like that that really throw a reader. (Or at least one who knows anything about geography and/or is from Michigan.)

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