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The last thing I needed

So, as I stated earlier, I am sick again, this time to the tune of staying home Thursday and Friday and spending those days and the weekend coughing up my weight in slime thanks to a mild sinus infection, with a fever as an added bonus! Yay!

I am back at work today, mainly because I have no more sick time, but also because I have about eighty things I'm supposed to do this week (naturally). I'm still running a (low-grade) fever and coughing, but I do feel a little better. Or I did until now.

I had to go out to get our stupid book drop (which is in the middle of the parking lot and necessitates dragging some sort of cart and a bag out there with you to retrieve). It's about 38F degrees out there (just above freezing) and it's also raining. Just the sort of weather one wants to hang out in with a sinus infection and a fever! So, I took my giant umbrella with me, but it turns out it's SO FRICKIN' WINDY the thing barely helped, and it took all my strength to keep it from blowing the fuck away. Add in that the bookdrop is SO GODDAMN FULL that I can't actually put the stuff in the bag and instead have to haul the entire interior in (which sucks when it's NOT windy and you have BOTH hands available for maneuvering, as the thing rolls along behind you in much the same way a drunken warthog tied to a rope would), which means I have to make a return trip out there to put the spare interior in and collect everything I dropped too. In near-freezing super windy rainy weather.

Collective time spent outside on a job that usually takes five minutes: twenty.

Which just means that I started the day feeling like crap, but I have now graduated to feeling like projectile diarrhea. And my pants are all wet now.

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