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San Diego, yo!

Since I don't update enough, I figured I'd do a little trip diary for our (Jess, pixymisa, went with me) recent trip to sunny San Diego (where we could not get married, as had been our intention when we originally got the tickets, DAMN YOU PROP 8). It was fun, but it's good to be home, even if I appear to be suffering from half-jet lag, in that I feel like it's about 1-1.5 hours earlier than it is, rather than 3 hours.

It all started at 6am, when I had to drag my ass out of bed so we could get to the airport by 7:30. the_sports_geek kindly provided transportation and earbuds. We had an uneventful time getting through DTW (which is, strangely, one of the most efficient airports I've been to, making it and the Red Wings the only things about Detroit that don't suck) and then got on the plane, where Jess proceeded to have her kidneys kicked for four hours by the kid behind her, and both of us had our eardrums assaulted by sobbing babies, especially after the iPod died with two hours to go. We also didn't get fed at all, so we were starving by the time we got to San Diego. But first, we had to get the car.

The car rental place gave me a friggin' Jeep Cherokee Laredo, which I immediately nicknamed 'the Behemoth'. I would have exchanged it, except it took an hour to get it and we were STAAAAAAAAAAARVING by then. I am still irritated though, as I had to fill it twice, about 15 GALLONS each time, and my car? Would have gone the same distance, only needed refilling once, and would have taken about NINE GALLONS. JESUS CHRIST I AM NEVER OWNING AN SUV.

We ate at this tiny little hole-in-the-wall Mexican place, which was (of course) completely awesome. Then we went to La Jolla shores and fought with the Pacific ocean for about an hour. (As Jess put it, "It's like aggressive neti-potting!" meaning the ocean forces salt water through your nasal passages. I put forth the theory that the Pacific likes to bitch-slap people in the face.) Then we went to our hotel, which was in Escondido and very nice, except for the temperamental shower ("Cold! Hot! No, freezing! BURN NOW KTHANKS!"). At that point it was dinnertime and we were tired, so we ate at a little restaurant next to the hotel and then passed out about 9pm Pacific time. It was quite Thrilling, yo.

Summary: Children on long airplane rides, SUVs, and temperamental showers suck, but Mexican food and swimming at La Jolla are awesome.

Next up: The San Diego Zoo! This was, by definition, awesomesauce. We bought a two-day pass, as it's $40 and a one-day pass is $35. We rode the tour bus and got a good view of where everything was, then we hit the big cat trail (lynx! mountain lions! jaguars!) and saw the koalas and the polar bears and spent way too much. I now have a stuffed polar bear cub named Koto, who has replaced the much-beleaguered Elsie as the stuffed animal I sleep with. (Elsie is a pound purry I've had since I was five. Her other name is Zombie Cat, as her eyes are now blank discs from so much use.) I also have a hat and a zoo shirt. And pictures, which I haven't downloaded yet, but I figure I can do a picture post in a couple days. We also hit the reptiles, which of course were awesome. They have gharials! Then we had lunch, saw some tiny deer (Jess LOVES tiny deer, it turns out), rode the Skyfari (one of those rides in which you get into a hanging car on a moving line and it takes you up high), and then left because it was hot and we were sweaty.

We went back to the hotel, then saw Shay (electricgriffon), whose wedding we were attending. We had dinner with her (at California Pizza Kitchen, hee) and then came back to pass out once again.

Summary: The San Diego Zoo is made of win, I love polar bears, and California Pizza Kitchen isn't any better in California (but is still good).

Stay tuned for more updates, as I should really do actual work now!
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