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Random things

1. I am supposed to be back on the injections, but the pharmacy or doctor or the universe screwed up and so I do not have my new medication. But it's also my old medication, and I still have it, so I stabbed myself anyway. Hot damn the hunger cravings are pretty much gone, and I've taken it exactly twice. I think I can deal with the resultant welts and bruises from puncture wounds.

2. I forgot to keep updating my trip diary, so I'll do another entry after this one for that.

3. It's July! Birthday time! ^_^

4. I lost my shoe. :( Well, it broke. But it's the same result. I have to wear it the rest of today though.

5. Getting to work Thursday was an absolute clusterfuck. They closed my entrance ramp to the interstate, so I had to get through the resulting backup and drive up and around to get on the interstate, and then, in Ohio, they had randomly closed 3 of 4 lanes. Wheeee! I was like 40 min late, and I had a program that day! (I basically did Mad Libs with 8-10 year olds for like 40 minutes. It was great.)

6. It's hot. Not as hot as where rzyna is though.

7. I think I'm done.
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