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Trip Diary!

Wow, I kept forgetting this. But for all of you who OMG MUST KNOW, here are Day 5 and Day 6.

The day of the wedding, I got my trusty dress, my trusty shawl, and my trusty sunscreen. Jess got the book I had read the night before while she was snoring. (I tried to wake her up once. She sat up, mumbled something, and went back to sleep in the exact same position. She has no memory of this.) Shay had invited us to come to this bridesmaid brunch thing, but we ended up sleeping instead (I needed it!), so that didn't happen. I also painted my nails and toes before we left for the wedding venue.

The wedding was being held at this ranch, so there was a house where Shay and Achilles would spend the night (but also where we could get ready), and then the actual ceremony part was to be held in the back, outside, at the gazebo. We all hung out in the bride's room for quite some time, and at some point I lost my sunscreen as everyone was borrowing it since we would be directly in the sun during the ceremony. Shay's mom braided my hair for me so that the part was in a different place, thus covering the burned bit. Jess read. I got into my dress and painted Shay's nails after the Earring Crisis got solved. (One of Shay's earrings' posts came off. Then she lost it down her dress.) Jess read. Then we got our bouquets and it was revealed that there had been a Bouquet Crisis as well. (They weren't ready that morning where Shay had ordered them, so the wedding planner/ranch owner person got a rush order on them from a different place. The second place needs a medal because they were awesome.) Then it was about time, so we all went out. Jess managed to stop reading for this part.

The ceremony was pretty short, but beautiful. Shay and Achilles had written their own vows, so it included things like "I love you when you walk the dogs at 5am". Shay's dress, incidentally, was amazing. It's the sort of dress I would have been all o_O at, but on her it looked amazing. I assume she'll post pictures of it eventually, as I didn't bother taking any wedding pics. Then the wedding was over and we took wedding pictures, which involved a Captain Morgan shot. Jess read. I realized that the one place I had forgotten to sunscreen was my earlobe, and it was a blistering mess. Yay! But by then the sun had finally gone down, and so we finally got to go down to where the tables were set up for dinner. Jess read. But then she finished the book, so she talked about anime with some of Shay and Achilles's friends who were seated at our table. I also saw Shay's sister Tristan again, and we introduced each other to our respective girls. (Tristan is married to hers, since she did it prior to Prop 8. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeealous!)

Dinner was some sort of meat that was okay, some fruit and veggies and good salad and frickin' AMAZING pasta ZOMG I WANTS MOOOOOOOOOOORE. The chef was kind of a prima donna, though he did refrain from doing a religious blessing over the food. (He apparently usually does but was told not to, and Mika was ready to beat the microphone out of his hand if he had done it.) Then there was dancing, but not much because there was no alcohol. And then there was cake, which kind of sucked to eat (it was chocolate, which I hate) but was beautiful before it got cut. Shay and Achilles wandered around for awhile, and I danced with Shay to Spacehog while we reminisced about all our insane musical recording and obsession back in high school. I think pictures were taken of that. Jess and I danced about three dances together, and sadly this made us one of the most prolific couples dancing. Jess got cold, so around 9:30 we finally left. I don't remember us doing much else other than sleeping that day.

Summary: The wedding was beautiful, Jess reads a lot, and always remember to put sunscreen on your earlobes.

Saturday we went back to the zoo, as we had bought two-day passes. It was actually kind of raining for a good portion of the morning, so we were kind of damp, but it was better than getting the fuck burned out of us. We saw the eagles and the tigers and my camera died but we still got shots of most everything. I broke our commemorative cup, but we bought another one, so that's okay. I got some stuff for my family and for the kids at the library, and we bought more sunscreen as I had lost mine at the wedding (see above). It was great, though.

Then we came back, showered, and ended up spending basically the rest of the night in bed watching bad TV and sort of idly packing. We saw How I Met Your Mother during this too, which is neat as I just bought all three seasons on the basis of NPH alone. We saw CSI and various Law and Orders, one of which involved some guy getting drowned in a fryer and holy shit. That's about it for Saturday.

Summary: The San Diego Zoo continues to be made of awesomesauce and win, Law and Order: Criminal Intent is stupid, and Neil Patrick Harris is also made of awesomesauce and win.

I'll do Sunday and Monday next time, as I think it's almost time for me to go watch 07-ghost. (We're at our anime screening.)
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