Seleca's Harp (selecasharp) wrote,
Seleca's Harp

The end of an era

After I got my braces off, the orthodontist cemented a wire to the backs of the teeth on my lower jaw. It was meant to prevent the front lower teeth from shifting out of alignment, and it worked, though it's been a bitch to floss around it. I have had that wire in there for fifteen years.

It came out this weekend.

One end detached and I pretty much ruined my tongue messing with it, so Jess took a metal tooth scraper to the other end and knocked it off. My teeth feel weird without it.

In other news, I'm trying to call the doctor's office to get them to resend my prescriptions, but the line has been busy for, like, almost an hour. Grrrr. Also, my icon makes me feel dirty. Which is stupid.
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