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I decided I needed to finish this

This is my last entry in the trip diary, though first I am going to say that I posted two stories to my account (name is selecasharp there too, if you want to look me up). I have been reviewed and favorited and alerted quite a bit for an entirely new author, and I am feeling both validation and shame. Also, inspiration, especially for the fic I posted expecting people to ignore it but instead got a much better response, meaning I probably shouldn't ignore it entirely like planned. Sigh.

We had originally thought of going on this five-hour nature cruise, but I was understandably a little gun shy of hanging out on a boat for that long during peak sun hours. We then thought of going to downtown San Diego and hanging around, but in the end we went back to La Jolla to visit the Cove, which we hadn't seen the last time. We had heard that there were all these protests being lodged in La Jolla over building a beach wall to keep the multi-million dollar homes built right on the damn coast from being destroyed, a move the surfers took issue with, as it would destroy the surf and much of the natural beauty and habitat. So we were a little wary, but hoped that it being Sunday would make us not run into a huge group of demonstrators (even if I am on the side of the demonstrators, really - I mean, if you're worried about the ocean destroying your home, DON'T BUILD IT OVERHANGING A COAST).

We found the Cove fairly easily, but parking was a nightmare. There is technically free parking, but it was all taken and the roads were very narrow and given that we were in the Behemoth, hard to navigate. In the end we ended up going and parking in a structure of some sort for $10, but it was worth it. We slathered up in sunscreen but left on normal clothes as we weren't going to swim right away, given that it was, like, one pm.

The Cove is gorgeous and I really need pictures to do it justice. We came out first by an underwater preserve where you can go snorkeling. We climbed down there and into this cave and looked around, but we didn't swim there, mostly because it's rocky as hell and we had no snorkels. Then we walked along, occasionally finding other little snippets of beach and climbing down onto these rock shelves for awhile. During this, we saw DOLPHINS! There were two, and they were definitely dolphins because you could see the air being released from their blowholes. Alas, they were too quick for me to get a picture.

But I did get several pictures of the harbor seals. We first saw them chilling on a rock out in the ocean, but by the time we managed to get the children's pool on the other end of the cove, we saw them close up. The children's pool was originally meant for children (obviously) - it has a wall built curving around to protect it from big wave. However, the harbor seals (which I think used to be endangered or maybe still are) seized on the place as a perfect resting point for their babies. So now they come up on the beach. There are signs asking people not to go on the beach by harbor seal protection groups, countered by signs from the La Jolla government saying you can go on the beach. You can go out on the wall though, and still get pretty close without freaking the seals out. We did go on the beach, but not far, especially after one of the protection group people asked us not to (nicely, though we weren't going to go any further). There was one woman waaaaay down by the water line, though, and you could see the seals wanting to come up but afraid of her. She wouldn't move when the protection people asked, but eventually all the spectators on the wall and stuff started yelling at her to move, so she lost her shit and screamed at everyone, threatened the protection lady (who, while kind of annoying, was very polite about asking people to move), and stormed off. But then all the seals came on the beach and it was very cute and I have pictures. ^_^

After this we went back to the car and decided to go swimming at the shores again, because all the Cove beaches are very rocky and I prefer sand if possible. So we drove over there and got a parking place, like, immediately. Swimming involved my contact falling out twice (though I go it back in both times) and being knocked around again by the Pacific. Then, finally, we went back to the hotel for more packing and sleeping.

Summary: Parking in La Jolla is difficult, we never did run into protesters, and DOLPHINS! AND SEALS!

We woke early to drive back to the rental agency. We needed gas but had to get it close, and then it turned out that there are no gas stations in San Diego (but the streets are paved with cheese!). Well, not really, but we went through like half of downtown before finding one. Returning the car was fairly uneventful, and then we took the shuttle back to the airport, where the guy driving dropped all of us off but one couple, though he left one of their bags behind (he had unloaded everyone's before realizing he had to take them somewhere else). I tried to say something but they were gone. Hope they got their bag back.

Anyway, we then went through the clusterfuck of fail that is checking in and going through security. To check in, they make you go to the electronic stations, but then you have to get into a line to actually drop off your baggage, so you go through two lines instead of one, and it certainly didn't make things go faster, trust me (unless you didn't need to check baggage). Then security took forever, and the whole time we had to watch San Diego's idea of a security video, which featured people dressed as GIANT PUPPETS doing stupid ass shit in security lines, like a GIANT PANDA trying to carry on scissors and stuff. It was fucking trippy.

The plane ride back was pretty easy though (no kids near us this time), but finding our ride back sucked because apparently people picking up arrivals that day didn't get the memo about how you don't just park and wait for FORTY FUCKING MINUTES without moving. They also missed the memo about how you don't block all lanes except ONE. You're supposed to CIRCLE, dammit, and only stop if your people are ACTUALLY THERE. Yes, I'm bitter, especially because I've been screamed at by policemen at DTW for stopping for literally two seconds before with my pickup in sight, and NO ONE made these fuckheads who stopped for literally forty minutes move. But we got out, EVENTUALLY, no thanks to those entitlement assholes. Then there was unpacking and sleeping in our own beds, yay!

Summary: The San Diego airport is made of fail, people waiting for arrivals who park and don't leave need to die in a fire, and it's good to be home.

There. The entire trip. Hope you enjoyed, and I'll post pictures whenever I remember to. ^_^;
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